Thursday, November 18, 2010

Mini Pizza

This pint size version of the large pizza makes a delightful presentation. The method to make it is simple and when paired with some interesting variety of toppings, it will find a place in any party menu. It is loved by young and old alike.

A couple of pointers for when you make these. Chop the vegetables in a small dice. This will allow the vegetables to be spread well. Roll out a large pizza base and use a cutter to make uniformly sized mini bases. Match your toppings to the type of party you are throwing. 

Here are some options:
These are great at birthday parties. Here are some topping options for older kids and adults.
Green Peppers and Onions
Red peppers, Mushrooms and Olives
Pineapple and Jalapeno
Tomato and Spinach

These are great for an fusion or a Indian get-together. For a twist, use naan instead of pizza base.

When it is an event centered around cocktails or sangria, this will be a hands down winner. Be careful to make the pizza small enough to be eaten in only two bites.
Hope you make these at your next party!


Priya said...

Cute looking pizza, yumm!

sanju said...

Love your pizza, yummy!

Madhavi said...

Lovely pizza, yummm!!

Sayali said...

Hey its been long since I visited your blog....well the pizzaz look amazing.. :) ...want to mention about the Healing Food - broccoli event posted on my blog... Would be happy to get an entry from you

Jyoti said...

cute pizza..perfect as a starter! Seeing an update on ur blog after along time..

Dr.Sameena Prathap


Beautiful mini pizzas...Do visit me when you find time...:)


Gulmohar said...

That's cute..Perfect starter for kid's party..

Mrs K said...

This is my first time on your blog and I enjoyed so many new and refreshing recipes here.I have already added myself to your list of followers :)I enjoyed the convinient sized pizzas & the pizza toppings you have suggested for different occasions.


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